Political PR Campaigns

Shaping the opinion of people is what media does. In the process, PR is a way of effective communication with right path to shape the opinion.  Political messaging takes form and takes shape with the aid of a good public relations team. Agencies have consolidated and become more professional, with improved messaging.  This in turn has led to a more sophisticated end product – the ultimate example being our current President, Barack Obama.

Messaging, or creating a consistent story, is essential in the world of politics today, as he and his team showed during both of his election campaigns, in 2008 and again in 2012.  The dissemination of message and its correct representation and perception is done through Public Relations. Obama’s public relations team used a wide variety of mechanisms and social media platforms not only to disseminate his messaging, but also to engage with potential voters.

The team identified its target audience – a very basic technique employed in everyday public relations.  They tailored or segmented the message to appeal to a very broad demographic.  Potential voters became stakeholders, who were in turn deployed to get the message out in an ever widening circle.


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